​Monique Capelta . the designer


    "It was a hobby that turned into my career.  I couldn't afford the boots in the store.. so I headed to Goodwill, I bought two old vintage coats and went home to my glue gun and x-acto knife and converted a boring pair of boots to something that felt like me!"

Monique Capelta

When boot couture moguldom was still only a flash in her eye, a young but sentient Monique Capelta mused, being fashionable is following the trend set by the crowd, but a fashion icon is one who attracts a crowd which inspires the trend.  Such logic is what sparked the framework for a line of boots, which has soared to the pinnacle of the fashion spectrum.


The tale originated in Troy, North Carolina, tiny town of two traffic lights where young Capelta had a grand dream of becoming an actress.  In 2002, she moved to Manhattan, putting into drive the pursuits she had since she was a child.  It was then, while roaming the avenues of the nation's fashion capital, that Monique noticed her surroundings consisted of people wearing the same brands, same styles, and often times identical items essentially creating an overpriced fashion monotony.  Then one evening, she sought out a couple vintage coats from local thrift shops and went to work with a pair of sheers and a glue gun... it was that then that the first pair of boots by Monique Capelta was born.

During her time in New York she focused her energies on fitness modeling, and Capelta's passion for acting was still unfulfilled.  She landed a role in a feature film and moved to Los Angeles in 2005, along with her personal handmade collection of boots.  And after a couple of months in the Hollywood circuit, the convivial Capelta was approached by socialites about her boots on numerous occasions and eventually became convinced that her creative gift was something she needed to share with others.


Capelta became inundated with varying offers from big-name designers and venture capitalists, and after months of contemplating, she realized that she would sale her boots only if she held complete autonomy over her line.  Not only would she be the designer, but she became the principle model, and personally engineered her website, catalogs, and all other marketing materials.  The only way Capelta was to be satisfied was for her to have complete oversight over all creative aspects of her company, which is as much a testament to her work ethic as it is to her passion for her line.  Many of these acts went against the grain of what was typical for a designer of couture, but Monique refused to abide by a set of norms she viewed as substandard at the expense of her creative drive, just as she did when she spawned the first set of Capelta boots years before.

Capelta Couture . the brand​​​

CAPELTA COUTURE : 100% leather/natural furs. All Fashion-forward and trendy designs with a huge celebrity following. Knee high & mid-calf gladiator sandals, full fringe designs that have held popular year after year along with the unique western/ rocker inspired cowboy boots that alway are in demand, we also carry ankle booties and knee high stilettos.  Beyond our fashion eccentricity, our trademark stands proud in the assessment that all of our soles are specifically designed for comfort ..and have hundreds of customer comments adhering to this fact.

Capelta Couture boots are glamorous, and unique with a sexy, classy vintage flair.  Capelta Couture initially made its mark by creating handmade boots with a variety of exotic elaboration, using a delicate mix of the finest leathers and furs, and accented with an eclectic array of Swarovski gems and hardware to produce each individual boot as its own one-of-a-kind item.  They characterize their authentic signature with a feminine, yet edgy niche using their dynamic artistic drive to fine detail in combination with an innovative concept to fit the function of practicality, the ease of comfort, and the demands of society's trendiest elite figures.   The brand's focus is to provide highly specified luxury looks at an affordable price while primarily serving the exclusive boutique market.


In 2010, Capelta Couture hit mainstream the Hollywood scene, as featured sponsors of the gifting suites for The Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy's, and Kids Choice Awards and many charity organizations.  Since then, their boots have been photographed on the likes of Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Latoya Jackson, Macy Gray, Jessica Simpson, Melanie Griffith, and Kate Moss and many other celebrity icons.  The brand has appeared 5 major networks, including the shows : Melrose Place, The Celebrity Apprentice and the Reunion Episode of Season 5 and upcoming Season 6 of MTV's Jersey Shore.  They have appeared in magazines such as InTouch Weekly, 944, Life&Style, Harper's Bazaar, Italian's IO Donna, Collective Magazine, California Apparel News, & some of the most prestigious fashion magazines across Japan.

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